Legal services for Industry,
Market Compliance &
Information Technologies

Our office provides professional legal consulting, which offers tailored solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients here in Slovakia. We strive to support our clients with quality legal services and work with them to achieve their goals. We recognize that flexibility and availability are an essential part of providing exceptional service. Thus, our professionals are always just a phone call away and are ready to meet our clients in our office or theirs. This is one reason why our clients turn to us for the long term.

Our law firm specializes in finding solutions for legal problems in the fields of industry, market compliance and information technologies. We provide comprehensive consulting in the areas of commercial, corporate, and labor law within the Slovak Republic, and represent our clients in administrative and court procedures.


Our team of highly trained lawyers has extensive and diverse experience working with Slovak and international companies in the field of industry. As a result, we are pleased to offer our clients a wide variety of services. They also value our experience in acquisitions of shares, stocks, businesses or real estate.

To assist us in bringing you the very highest quality of service, we rely on advice and opinions from our expert network of attorneys, tax advisors, court evaluators and other specialists.

We happily provide our legal services in Slovak, German and English, and are ready to communicate with our clients and prepare legal texts and documents, to the same high professional degree, in whatever language they require.


Internet Law
Software Law
Law of Industrial Facilities
Regulation of Production
Products and Technic
Constitutional Law

Commercial Law
Civil Law
M & A
Corporate Law
Real Estate
Labor Law


Quality and continuous education is the cornerstone of reliable legal services. Therefore, we strongly encourage our attorneys to pursue and enrich their scholarship, by further studies at local and foreign universities, and attendance at seminars and trainings. We also believe that a law firm can benefit from sharing knowledge with the public. To do this, we regularly publish our knowledge and opinions in media focused on the Slovak and European legal communities.

Law is an ever changing and developing field.  We constantly strive to keep current with the latest evolutions both in Slovakia and abroad. In addition, we work to deepen our knowledge, not only of law, but also of context, especially in relation to European law and court decisions. Knowing what the law says, what it means, and most importantly, how it is likely to be applied helps us provide our clients with consistent quality and comprehensive consulting.